About BK Marketing Solutions

BK Marketing Solutions is a digital marketing agency focused on the positive impact on our clients and their long-term success.

BK Marketing Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency in Oxford, run by me – Boris Katsarov. I have specialized in content marketing and SEO. My agency’s goals are – a long-term commitment to clients’ prosperity and long-term partnership. We can accomplish that, by only bringing results.

We emphasize the personal touch and more rigorous work. We have a maximum of 7-8 clients, so we are more focused on the results and success of our clients.

BK Marketing Solutions

How did I start?

Hi there, my name is Boris – founder of BK Marketing Solutions.

Marketing was my passion from an early age. In high school in Bulgaria (I’m from Bulgaria), I studied in-depth philosophy and psychology. Those two subjects were extremely interesting for me, and I couldn’t get enough of them. It was somehow fascinating for me to know how humans behave and how our minds work, how we make decisions, and why sometimes those decisions look controversial and against logic.

When I was at the end of my high school journey, I had to decide what I should study next at University. I also loved exploring different business models and businesses overall. Entrepreneurship, economics, and politics were subjects of immense interest to me. Because business is 80% marketing and sales, and I loved studying psychology (a big part of marketing), I decided to get into marketing.

So that’s how my Marketing journey began.

In my first year in University, I read every book we were supposed to read until the fourth year. I just felt that University wasn’t my thing anymore. I was on top of the marketing subjects, and that just wasn’t enough for me. I want it to practice. So I dropped out of University.

Into the business

I used my marketing skills to find an unfilled niche in the subcontractor sewing industry. With a friend of mine, we got a student loan (£2,500), bought the necessary machines, and rented a small building, and again thanks to marketing, we could get a competent staff of 15 employees quickly. They specialize in the sewing industry. They were doing the production; my business partner and I were doing marketing and sales. We were working with British companies (Asos), German companies (zero), Greek, and Turkish too.

Keep Moving.

At one point, I decided to sell my part of the business to my business partner and move on to something that is even more passionate for me and a business, through which I can provide much more value – Digital Marketing.

I moved to Oxford, UK, and even though I have always been studying Digital Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, and Content Marketing, now more than ever, I have emphasized the new trends, how Google thinks, and how the best Marketing agencies work in the UK.

Digital Marketing is the future.

I believe every company in the world should have an online presence and a proper digital marketing strategy, SEO strategy, excellent copywriters and a sound content marketing plan.

Through Digital Marketing, any company can get to its audience regardless of location, size or, age. In years of the pandemic, that is even more important.

That is why I decided to set up “BK Marketing Solutions”.

My Vision and Values

My Goal.

My goal is not to grow big in this industry but to bring my competence and value to the companies I work with.

We emphasise customer service and more rigorous work. We also, maintain up to 8 clients, so they are more focused on the results and success of their clients.

Big Marketing agencies vs BK Marketing Solutions.

Big digital marketing agencies have their pros. They have more clients, which means they have more know-how from different industries. 

But they also have their cons. Big Marketing Companies tend to focus on quantity, not quality. They have to sustain that bigger size, so they always need new clients. That makes them concentrate on getting new clients, and when they get them, those clients end up in a very tight account management system with many other companies. The account manager assigns specialists with different skills to companies that require such needs. Most of the time, it’s overwhelming for them, and they get thin over the many companies they have been assigned to.

I have experience in an agency, so I’m fully aware of how it operates and handles clients’ needs. Often, bigger clients get more attention.

Even though it sounds like a cliche, quality over quantity has always been my mission, and I didn’t want to make any compromises on that.

The Future of BK Marketing Solutions


My mission is to become an invaluable business partner for the companies I work with. That one business partner who you feel his absence when is not involved in the digital marketing process. 

I measure my performance by three metrics that are tied to:

  1. Reputation (Reviews).
  2. Clients’ results (sales, visibility, recognition).
  3. Financial performance (revenue and profit).

Proactive approach and positive impact.

Business is complex and takes lots of time and energy. That’s why I’m proactive towards your goals. First, I’ll be looking for opportunities for growth, digital strategies, and trends. Then, we will set up milestones for the results we (as partners) want to get.

After each period, we will examine the results and set up new ones in order to get the new goals appropriate for the current situation.

Boris Katsarov

Next step

If you think I might positively impact your business because you are looking for a hard-working, ambitious and honest marketing agency, request your FREE Website and SEO Analysis.
I’ll then analyse your website and digital marketing strategy and send you a 10 to 15 min video of me doing the analysis and showing you the opportunities.

After that, we can discuss your vision for your business, your short and long-term goals, and how we can collaborate.