Campsites in Oxfordshire

Campsites in Oxfordshire

Top 10 Glamping & Camping Experiences

Nestled in the exquisite landscapes surrounding Oxford, a collection of charming, eco-friendly accommodations provide tranquil retreats for those seeking to escape the bustle of everyday life. These unique lodgings, ranging from luxurious eco lodges and deluxe safari lodges to fully furnished bell tents and traditional shepherd’s huts, are sprinkled across various locations including the private Ewelme Down Farm estate, the serene Valley Farm, the tranquil banks of The River Thames at Radcot Bridge, and many more. Each site, whether it’s the award-winning Lincoln Farm Park or the scenic Oxford Riverside Glamping, is immersed in nature, offering splendid views, premium amenities, and opportunities for exploration and relaxation.

In close proximity to the historic city of Oxford and charming Cotswold villages, these sites serve as perfect bases for exploring local culture, landmarks, and natural beauty. The accommodations, whether part of a bustling riverside pub, a quiet farm, or a secluded waterfront, offer unique and enriching experiences. They cater to a diverse range of preferences, be it the enchantment of canvas and wooden clad lodges, the rustic elegance of glamping tents, or the homely comfort of shepherd’s huts. Every location is a gateway to a myriad of activities including walking, fishing, boating, birdwatching, and simply relishing the serene ambiance and picturesque sunsets. Here are the top 10 campsites in Oxfordshire

Abbey Farm

Abbey Farm emerges as an exquisite sanctuary for those who yearn for a serene and idyllic respite, complemented with the luxury of warm, soothing hot tubs. A mere few paces from the cottage opens up a walking path, a cycling track graces the entrance of the farm, and exclusive traverses through the agrarian landscape ensure there is abundant joy right at your threshold!

Breathtaking wood-fired hot tub situated on your secluded patio unveils marvellous panoramas of the rustic scenery

Nestled on the fringes of the bustling market town of Thame, straddling the boundaries of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Ideal for open-air culinary delights, accompanied by celestial contemplation beside the alfresco chimenea

Delving into Abbey Farm

Abbey Farm, sprawling over 270 acres, is strategically positioned near the serene market town of Thame, a jewel straddling Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

The Kites Nest Shepherd’s Hut is elegantly integrated within the undulating bucolic terrain, offering a complete, heated, and insulated refuge, creating a sublime glamping experience for duos. Culinary endeavours are uncomplicated, facilitated by a comprehensive and proficient kitchenette. Adjoining is a private, wood-burning hot tub.

Given favourable meteorological conditions, you can opt to savour your meals within or embrace the open air. A verdant expanse is furnished with a table and seating, providing a splendid outdoor dining and repose arena. The outdoor chiminea, coupled with a stockpile of logs, mitigates the chill of brisk evenings, inviting one to lounge beneath the celestial canopy in contemplation!

The Roost shepherd’s hut mirrors the attributes of Kites Nest with subtle distinctions; the stove utilises gas and the bed is a static fixture. The huts offer paramount seclusion, shielded from mutual visibility.

Situated conveniently near the intersections of junctions 7 and 8 of the M40, Abbey Farm stands as an optimal refuge for those seeking serene, pastoral interludes, whether fleeting or extended.

Reserved vehicular storage proximal to the dwelling units.

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Common Leys Farm

Nestled within an enchanting and fortified enclave, Waterperry Caravan and Campsite represents a tranquil haven situated near the poetic towers of Oxford, providing convenient ingress to this illustrious academia-centric municipality. This domain for camping and touring is encompassed within the territories of Common Leys Farm, a rustic Tudor farmhouse of grade II distinction, once serving as the pastoral abode of Tommy Steele, and is exclusively available to members of the Caravan and Motorhome Club CL.

Delving into Common Leys Farm Certificated Location

This serene retreat is poised along the frontiers of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, adjacent to Waterperry Woods and Burnwode Forest, offering an escape into solitude away from the frenetic pace of daily existence. The proximity to the cultural wealth of Oxford, located merely five miles away, is concealed by the serenity of the environment, and the proximity to the backdrop of Midsomer Murders adds a layer of intrigue.

This locale emerges as an ideal sanctuary for those who desire to bask in the pastoral splendours or for those seeking solace following a day immersed in exploring the treasures of the vicinity or indulging in retail therapy at Bicester Village.

The site extends invitations to a series of verdant plots with optional Electrical Hook Ups, perched on level grassland. The consolidation of youths or groups is precluded, and the limitation to five plots fosters a quaint communal ambiance. For those reluctant to embrace the camping lifestyle, the site proffers accommodations with self-catering amenities indoors.

Access to the pitches is reserved solely for the affiliates of the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

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The Chilterns View

Five exquisite, adult-exclusive eco-lodges grace the secluded Ewelme Down Farm estate in the vicinity of Oxford, each constructed with paramount standards, offering magnificent panoramas of the Chiltern Hills. Accompanying these is an elegant and sumptuous safari lodge, furnished to accommodate up to 10 guests in supreme opulence.

Exploring The Chilterns View

Nestled on a tranquil farm adjacent to the charming hamlet of Ewelme, The Chilterns View is situated a stone’s throw from Wallingford, the setting for Midsomer Murders, and is well connected to Oxford.

These five premium and sustainable lodges, enveloped in canvas and adorned with wooden cladding, orient to the south. Each is fitted with expansive glass facades and elevated verandas, providing unrivaled vistas over the Chiltern Hills. Every lodge is designed to house two occupants, equipped with a king-size berth, an ensuite wet chamber, a wood-infused stove, a compact culinary space, chiminea, and a personal hot tub.

Lodges named Ridgeway and Chaucer feature open layouts, while Dingledell, Pheasants Flight, and The Copse offer segregated sleeping quarters.

The safari lodge emerges as an idyllic escape for larger families or conglomerates, extending breathtaking scenes of the Chilterns, laden with modern conveniences. This lodge comes with a secluded hot tub, five refined sleeping chambers (comprising two king-size and three twin rooms), a unified living expanse, and a dining alcove warmed by a wood-burning stove.

Additionally, the lodge boasts ensuite amenities, including a streamlined kitchenette, refrigerator-freezer, microwave, and toaster. It also features Bluetooth-compatible speakers, a fire pit ideal for marshmallow roasting, and a pizza oven to enhance the culinary experience!

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The Real Campsite

The Real Campsite, a picturesque haven, is located within the bustling confines of Park Farm, proximate to the undulating landscapes of the Cotswold hills. It offers breathtaking vistas, extensive territories to traverse, and ample conveniences to assure a snug and pleasant ambiance. It is a petite and charming sanctuary, exuding a boutique essence, where the warmth of campfires is embraced.

Exploring The Real Campsite

The Real Campsite entices with offerings of fresh ovules from resident chickens, a designated animal enclosure, welcoming campfires, expansive pastures, and splendid meadows, making it a compelling destination. The land, spanning 380 acres, has been nurtured by the Viner family for a century, focusing on sheep and arable farming, and they continue to reside on the premises.

Every verdant pitch is complemented with a private lavatory shed equipped with a basin and cool flowing aqua, a picnic table, and a dedicated area for campfires. Each spot grants an awe-inspiring panoramic view stretching across the Upper Thames Valley to the Cotswolds.

Vacationers are accorded the freedom to roam the farm, to traverse fields and meadows. The celestial bodies glitter in abundance, making the gatherings around a campfire an ideal mode to revel in the evenings at The Real Campsite.

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Ye Olde Swan Tipi Village

Positioned on the verdant fringes of The River Thames at Radcot Bridge, Ye Olde Swan Tipi Village holds proximity to the distinguished National Trust hamlets of Kelmscott and Coleshill and is a stone’s throw from the bustling market town of Lechlade-on-Thames, a portal to The Cotswolds. The village offers rudimentary camping and touring spots exclusively for motorhomes and tents, disallowing caravans, supplemented by glamorous tipis.

Diving into Ye Olde Swan Tipi Village

The village pub, perched beside the River Thames, plays host to myriad festivities and assemblies throughout the summer, bustling with activity and offering a delectable array of quintessential pub fare. It is a familial refuge, distanced from the daily cacophony yet in the vicinity of essential conveniences, creating a haven of comfort and solace.

Nestled amidst enchanting vistas overlooking Radcot Bridge and aligning with the riverbank, guests can immerse in the enchantment of the locale. A hospitable reception from Janine, Alan, and their ensemble ensures impeccable service, allowing guests to unwind and relish their sojourn.

Ten luxurious and adorned tipi tents proffer an unparalleled glamping experience by the river, with each tipi accommodating up to four inhabitants.

Camping is an alternative option, and the village is adept at hosting grand gatherings, offering exclusive access to the entire site for those seeking privacy; for such arrangements, direct correspondence with the proprietors is advised.

Canine companions are embraced by those in tents and campervans but are restricted from the tipis and glamping fields.

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Lincoln Farm Park Oxfordshire

Nestled in the core of the quaint village of Standlake in Oxfordshire, Lincoln Farm Park has garnered accolades for its unparalleled service and amenities. It is strategically located around 9 miles to the west of Oxford and in the proximity of several charming Cotswold hamlets, including the scenic market town of Witney. Having undergone comprehensive refurbishments, the park boasts 5-star facilities inclusive of a games room, sauna complemented by Jacuzzis, a fitness centre, duo of pools, and an on-site convenience store.

Delving into Lincoln Farm Park Oxfordshire

Spanning 9 acres of meticulously landscaped terrain in the serene Oxfordshire countryside, the park is a brief commute from Oxford and the illustrious Cotswolds.

Lincoln Farm proffers a variety of pitches, ranging from fully serviced to tent camping spots equipped with electric hook-ups, and superior pitches facilitating access to fresh water and grey waste disposal.

Moreover, it accommodates hardstanding pitches apt for motorhomes with a maximum length of 38ft.

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Benson Waterfront

Be it meandering along the Thames Path or exploring the historical cobblestone streets of Oxford, Benson Waterfront presents itself as an unparalleled sojourn. Situated directly adjacent to the riverbank, it opens up a plethora of possibilities for angling and nautical ventures.

Diving into Benson Waterfront

Nestled beside the scenic meander of the river, this serene enclave is a haven for familial gatherings.

Each pitch is meticulously serviced and solidified, accommodating a caravan along with its awning or a motorhome, granting an expansive and comfortable space.

Additionally, the locale is adorned with a range of opulent lodges, each featuring one or two bedrooms, that augment the luxury of the site.

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The Chilterns View

Nestled in the private Ewelme Down Farm estate near Oxford, The Chilterns View offers five luxurious, adult-only eco lodges. Built to meticulous standards, these lodges flaunt stunning vistas over the Chiltern Hills, allowing guests to submerge in total luxury. In addition to these, a chic and deluxe safari lodge is available, graciously accommodating up to ten guests.

About The Chilterns View

The Chilterns View is ensconced within a tranquil farm on the outskirts of the charming village of Ewelme, just a few miles away from Wallingford—known as the home of Midsomer Murders—and is conveniently accessible to Oxford.

Each of the five high-end and eco-conscious glamping lodges—constructed with canvas and wood—is oriented to the south, featuring glass fronts from floor to ceiling and elevated verandas, all designed to provide unparalleled views of the Chiltern Hills. These lodges, each equipped with a king-size bed, an ensuite wet room, a wood-burning stove, a kitchenette, a chiminea, and a hot tub, offer accommodations for two.

Among them, Ridgeway and Chaucer are designed with an open plan, while Dingledell, Pheasants Flight, and The Copse boast separate bedrooms.

The safari lodge serves as an ideal retreat for larger families or groups, offering breathtaking views over the Chilterns along with a range of modern conveniences. It features a private hot tub, five luxurious bedrooms (two with king-size beds and three twin rooms), an open living space, and a dining area kept warm by a log-burning stove.

To ensure a comfortable stay, the lodge is furnished with en-suite facilities, a kitchenette, a fridge-freezer, a microwave, and a toaster. For entertainment, Bluetooth speakers are provided, and guests can gather around the fire pit to toast marshmallows or use the pizza oven for a delightful culinary experience!

This lavish abode exemplifies high-quality English hospitality in an environment where luxury meets the tranquility of nature.

Oxford Riverside Glamping

Oxford Riverside Glamping offers a unique and serene escape, conveniently situated just 4 miles from the city of Oxford. Located within its secluded grounds near the River Thames pathway, this location offers luxury bell tent camping in a park-like setting and serves as the perfect spot for a tranquil break, a romantic weekend, or a base for exploring the rich cultural tapestry of the area.

About Oxford Riverside Glamping

This glamping site is an idyllic retreat for those who want to experience the globally recognized heritage of Oxford, making it a fitting choice for couples, families, and explorers alike. Positioned along the Thames Path, it offers scenic beauty, making it a haven for walkers.

The site is enveloped by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, providing captivating riverside walks, seasonal fishing opportunities, and birdwatching experiences.

Here, guests are welcomed with a collection of well-appointed bell tents, designed to comfortably accommodate two, but capable of housing up to four with a minor additional cost.

Each 5-metre bell tent is adorned with rustic furniture, rugs, candle chandeliers, and additional lighting, all centred around a cosy double bed complete with plush pillows, duvets, and fresh white bed linen. For the cooler nights, hot water bottles and extra blankets are available, although bringing warm clothes is advised.

Outside, each tent features a private seating area and fire pit, catering to all cooking needs. This setup invites guests to unwind and revel in the peaceful ambiance as the sun sets gracefully. All necessary cutlery, crockery, pans, and utensils are provided, along with firewood and charcoal. Guests need only bring food, drinks, towels, toiletries, a torch, and perhaps a good book!

Directly opposite the site is Wytham Woods, a region of ancient woodland and a Site of Special Scientific Interest, offering yet more opportunities to explore and appreciate the wonders of nature.

Oxford Riverside Glamping blends rustic charm and comfort, providing a getaway that offers the best of both worlds: the peaceful allure of the countryside and the cultural richness of Oxford.

Valley Farm Campsite

Valley Farm Campsite, a serene retreat just 3 miles from the heart of Oxford City Centre, is enveloped by lush countryside and vibrant wildlife, offering picturesque views extending up to the protected Wytham Woods. This secluded gem sprawls across 4 acres of land, featuring a private entrance and exuding a congenial, family-friendly ambiance. The campsite is host to three luxurious, well-appointed bell tents equipped with wood-burning stoves and a range of amenities.

About Valley Farm Campsite

Valley Farm Campsite is a pristine and untouched haven characterised by scenic vistas and breathtaking sunsets, making it an ideal destination for families seeking ample space for recreation or couples yearning for a peaceful escape amidst fresh air.

Wellington and Nelson, the site’s friendly resident donkeys, eagerly await the affection and companionship of campers and children.

For those who prefer a glamorous camping experience, Valley Farm offers three luxurious bell tents, each meticulously furnished with a double bed, wood-burning stove, cooking essentials, electricity, and several other conveniences. Each tent can accommodate up to 4 people.

Choosing a bell tent for camping offers a refreshing alternative to the conventional polyester tent, thanks to the natural cotton canvas material. The breathable fabric and generous interior space ensure a comfortable, moisture-free awakening.

Valley Farm Campsite provides a harmonious blend of rustic allure and homely comfort, giving guests the chance to unwind in the lap of nature while remaining within reach of Oxford’s rich cultural heritage.

In conclusion, the array of serene accommodations surrounding Oxford offers a rich tapestry of experiences for travellers seeking both adventure and relaxation. From the enchanting Chiltern Hills to the tranquil Thames Pathway, these locations encapsulate the essence of the English countryside’s untouched beauty and the charm of its rustic heritage. Each site, with its unique character and amenities, provides an exquisite backdrop for creating lasting memories, whether through intimate campfires, leisurely walks, explorative journeys, or simply unwinding amidst nature. The proximity to cultural hubs like Oxford allows guests to meld the tranquillity of rural life with the vibrancy of city exploration, creating a harmonious balance of experiences. Whether it’s a family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a solitary retreat, the diversity and richness of these sites promise a rejuvenating and enlightening escape for every traveller.

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