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The hotel business is highly competitive. Excellent customer service and delighted guests go hand in hand with a great website, SEO, and other digital marketing factors.

Whether you want to bring customers to your hotel or you want brand awareness, we have experience in the hospitality business. Experience that brings more customers and brand loyalty.

SEO for Hotels with a Mission

Cutting through the clutter is extremely difficult in the hotel business. When designing your digital marketing plan, different locations, guests’ preferences, and fierce competition are just a few factors to consider. The global hospitality environment is complex and requires the right expertise and the right mindset which few hotel marketing agencies have.

To break through the clutter, you must be strategic in choosing your keywords and proper backlinks. I other words – SEO and Content Strategy.

You need a digital marketing and SEO plan that keeps up with the current travel and tourism marketing trends. We regularly conduct researches to show us the best-performing content for search results, the best blog post approaches and online marketing.

Our approach to your SEO starts with your website. Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. The optimised website brings immense value to your whole business. Proper keywords, technical optimisation and user experience are the first three assignments in our checklist.

We then move on to content strategy and gaining visibility, brand awareness and traffic to your website. We do that through content creation, On-page optimisation and link building.

However, unlike many SEO agencies, we don’t only focus on improving your organic search rankings. That’s why, to meet the targets you’ve set for us, we’ll propose the correct balance of search engine optimisation, and conversion rate optimisation. We understand that attaining your targeted growth goals can be difficult and that gaining traction might seem impossible at times.

That is why you need a hotel SEO agency that knows what works and what doesn’t. We keep tracking global trends, customer behaviour and innovative hospitality approaches, benchmarking best SEO practices for Hotel business and implementing new approaches.

Request your free SEO Analysis now, so we can show you how you can get more guests to your hotel.

SEO Services for Hotels - BK Marketing Solutions

My name is Boris and I’m the founder of BK Marketing Solutions, an Oxford based Digital Marketing Agency. My expertise is in SEO and content marketing.

BK Marketing Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency in Oxford. We work with small and medium businesses in all industries in Oxford and the UK, and tailor our strategies to fit each client’s unique needs and goals..

With extensive experience in the industry, our team stays up-to-date with the latest Digital Marketing best practices and algorithm updates to ensure the best results for our clients.

Boris Katsarov

Our SEO process for Hotels

A Hotel website can only rise in the SERPs by combining website auditing, website development, local SEO, content creation, and attracting links from relevant websites. In recent years, SEO has become more difficult, and it usually requires expertise in a variety of specialised fields. We perform the following in our SEO initiatives:

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Keywords and Competitor analysis

We will do a rigorous research on the keywords you are ranking for now and the keywords your competitors rank for. By doing this we will know what keywords should we target next and the opportunities we have against your competitors.

In each aspect of SEO, we need to know our best chances to win. That means we should balance between highly competitive keywords and long-tail, less competitive keywords. Once we win the less competitive areas, we then can target the top.

SEO Analysis

Website Optimisation and Technical SEO

Everything starts from your website. We will optimise your website by improving user experience - every page is a salesperson, so it should be considered a landing page.

We will improve your body copy for SEO - we will make sure you use the right keywords in your metadata and the main copy of your website. This is extremely important for Google as it shows the relevance and what you want to rank for.
We will improve the back end of your website as the content.

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Content Creation for Hotel Business

Great content is the key to a great SEO strategy. Once people get on your website, they will be looking for what you offer and how they can benefit from that. So you want to be very clear about these aspects and have obvious CTA’s (Calls to action). People who get on your website won’t stay for too long if the content is not the best.

When creating content for your website, we select the right keywords, use your customer language and increase user-engagement metrics - like the time spent on the website and bounce rate.

Link Building

Link Building

Building your website authority plays a significant part in off-site SEO. Getting quality backlinks to your website can increase your domain authority trust and brand awareness.
We will analyse your target audience and suggest the best platform for your Link Building campaign - the best places for backlinks.

Your target audience will be at the centre of our work - the right message to the right people at the right place.


Continuous Improvements and Trends Tracking

The hotel industry is constantly changing, especially in the last 2 years. Therefore, we continually will be tracking your website performance to make sure you win the SEO game.

We will do benchmarking every month so we will be aware, what works and what doesn’t.
We're focused on providing our clients with the most outstanding possible results. We're always striving for larger and better outcomes. That is why we'll make data-driven decisions to improve your campaign on a regular basis.


Open and authentic work

We are entirely open about what we do. We will provide you with monthly reports containing what we have done, the results, and our next move.

These reports will be easy to understand with no unnecessary stuff. There is even more. We give you the necessary tools to check on your own everything we have done. Being fully aware of our work is a priority to us.


Local SEO

Search engines are frequently used by people to discover local information. Additionally, they employ a variety of devices at various stages of the purchasing process. This behaviour gives businesses the chance to connect with new potential clients.

We will develop the finest plan for your company — a strategy that takes into account the demands of the customers. Google Business Profile is one of the most important factors for good local ranking positions, so that is where we will begin. Local SEO is a channel that can bring the best leads.

Let us demonstrate you how we will take your hotel to the next level

Submit your website for a free digital marketing review, and we will send you a 15 min video about the opportunities and best actions.
It’s free and without any commitments from your site

How to begin working with us BK Marketing Solutions

1 - Order your free Website - SEO analysis 

Request your free website and SEO analysis, and we’ll evaluate the effectiveness of both. Then, following a thorough evaluation of your website and SEO, we will create a video that is specifically tailored to you and your SEO results.

The audit we do will focus on the optimisation of your website, the usability of your website, backlinks, the meta description and keywords of your website, the optimization of your conversion rate, and other SEO-related factors.

We’ll also examine your competitors and their performance. A valuable analysis of their performance and their SEO and content marketing approach will be included in the video.

SEO Analysis
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2 - SEO plan

We will offer you a phone or online meeting to talk through your company goals in depth.

Following our meeting, we will offer you a detailed digital marketing strategy outlining how we may begin collaborating.

The strategy will outline specific work stages and our areas of concentration as well as milestones for the subsequent 3, 6, and 12 months.

3 - Results

Short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals are three types of SEO goals.

Long-term planning and long-oriented activities are required for SEO success and to rank your website among the top Google results

Some modifications might show effects within a month, while other activities take six to twelve months to show results. How quickly you get results depends on many factors including how competitive your business is, on-site and off-site optimisation, and the type of digital marketing approach you choose.

Our direction will be determined by your goals. We will agree with you that planning and execution will have quantifiable benchmarks. Our collaboration will be based on the outcomes we achieve for you.

Reports on what we’ve done and its impact will be given to you every month. You are not obligated to a six- or twelve-month contract and can contact us at any time. You can end your contract whenever you want.