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There is no method as reliable as SEO to guarantee that your law firm consistently receives a flow of prospective clients and leads, some or all of whom will ultimately become paying clients.

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How does SEO for law firms work

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important part of every law firm’s marketing plan. Lack of SEO results in missed opportunities for ranking on Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages), which results in lost leads and, ultimately, lost revenue for your law firm. If your organic presence isn’t strong enough, it might seriously hurt your overall digital marketing plan, especially because the first page of Google captures 71% of search traffic clicks.

On the other hand, consistent, professional SEO improvements can significantly increase your company’s long-term success. Your chances of getting discovered by potential customers organically increase significantly if you make sure your pages are indexed, your content addresses consumers’ queries and has relevant meta titles, you are targeting the right keywords, your backlinks are properly chosen, etc.

To succeed, SEO involves constant upkeep with the most recent trends and Google updates. It also demands a customised approach to market the aspects and service areas of your organisation that you want to be marketed. This ongoing process of learning, revising, putting into practice, and sustaining may take a lot of time and be quite complex for a marketer without much experience. We specialised to help Law Firms with our SEO efforts and raise your pages’ rankings where you want them to be.

We are knowledgeable about the aspects of search engine optimisation and what a law firm like yours needs to prosper online. Law Firms SEO services take time, so having an experienced SEO on your side will enable you to go above and beyond your initial objectives. With BKMS, you have a solid advantage over your rivals and a direct route to your potential customers.

A Trustworthy SEO Agency

My name is Boris  and I’m the founder of BK Marketing Solutions, an SEO company based in Oxford. My expertise is in SEO and content marketing.

BK Marketing Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency in Oxford. We work with small and medium businesses in all industries in Oxford and the UK, and tailor our strategies to fit each client’s unique needs and goals.

With extensive experience in the industry, our team stays up-to-date with the latest Digital Marketing best practices and algorithm updates to ensure the best results for our clients.

Boris Katsarov

SEO process for Law Firms

Setting success standards at the get-go is the most crucial piece of information we can offer. You will certainly run into a lot of resistance from SEO businesses on this issue. Forecasting outcomes from SEO is difficult, to say the least. Anyone worth hiring, at the very least, should be open to discussing results accountability. Here is our process:


Keywords and Competitor analysis

In order to outperform your competitors in search engine results pages, we analyse them and look for weaknesses and holes. To ensure that you obtain the greatest short-, medium-, and long-term outcomes, we prioritise keywords that will suit your organisation. Our strategy is created around your customer.

Our main objective in all of these efforts is a faster return on investment (ROI) by boosting website traffic, leads, and sales through commercial and informational keywords. We will work with you and plan every stage of the process.

SEO Analysis

Website Optimisation and Technical SEO

The foundation of your online presence is your website. By improving user experience, we will optimise your website. Every page should be created with conversions in mind.

We will also enhance your main copy for SEO purposes. We'll make sure that your website's main copy and metadata both include the appropriate keywords. This demonstrates the relevancy and keywords you want to rank for, which is incredibly important to Google. Finally, we will improve the back end of your website.

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Content Creation for Law Firms

An effective SEO strategy starts with great content. Once visitors are on your website, they will look for what you provide and how they can benefit from it. You must encourage people to take action by using compelling CTAs (Calls to Action).

If the content on your website is not engaging, visitors won't stay for very long. We choose the appropriate keywords, use your target audience language, and increase user-engagement indicators like time spent on the website, and bounce rate.

Link Building

Link Building

Backlinks are still a major factor for Google, so Website authority is key. Backlinks to your website can boost your website's authority, brand recognition, and consumer trust.

We will develop a bespoke link-building plan and identify the optimal distribution channels for your website. The focus of our efforts will be on your customers, who will get the right message at the right time.


Continuous Improvements and Trends Tracking

To make sure you win the SEO game, we'll monitor the performance of your website. Every month, we will do benchmarking to determine the best practices, what works, and what doesn't.

We are dedicated to provide the greatest outcomes to our clients. Because of this, we will make data-driven decisions to enhance your campaign and we will send you monthly reports to keep you updated.


Open and authentic work

We are very open and honest about everything we do. You will receive monthly reports outlining our accomplishments, results, and goals for the future.

These reports won't include any unnecessary information and will be simple to read. We will also provide you with the instruments to check everything we've done for you.
Keeping you informed about our work is critical to us


Local SEO

Search engines are frequently used by users to discover local information. Additionally, they use a variety of devices at various stages of the purchasing process. This gives businesses the chance to connect with new potential clients.

We will prepare a local SEO strategy for your Law Firm that takes into account the demands of your audience. Google Business Profile is only one of the many strategies we use to rank your company locally. Local SEO can bring you the most qualified leads.

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What to do next

1 - Order your free Website - SEO analysis 

We will evaluate the success of your website and SEO efforts and provide you with a free video of our findings. The optimisation of your website, usability, backlinks, metadata, keywords, conversion rate optimization, online competition, and other SEO aspects will all be included in our review.

Additionally, we’ll research the performance of your online competitors. We’ll come to a conclusion and provide recommendations based on your goals and how to improve your performance.

SEO Analysis
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2 - SEO plan

We will offer you a call or online meeting to talk through your company goals in depth.

Following our conversation, we will offer you a thorough digital marketing strategy outlining how we can collaborate. The digital marketing strategy will include precise steps for our collaboration and what we will focus on if we continue to work together. It will cover the upcoming 3 to 6 and 12 months.

3 - Results

There are three types of SEO approaches: short-term, mid-term, and long-term. To rank on top of Google’s results pages, long-term preparation and execution are required.

At BK Marketing Solutions, we are big fans of long-term planning. A month will go before certain things happen, while six to twelve months will pass before others. Because of how fiercely competitive your sector is, on-site and off-site optimisation as well as the type of digital marketing approach you utilise will be essential to your success. We’ll take the initiative in accordance with your objectives, and we’ll settle on measurable KPIs for planning and implementation. We will keep you informed of everything we do and the results it produces.
You can contact us whenever you want, also you may cancel at any time.