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SEO is the hard-working component of every successful online marketing strategy, and that is what we do the best. BK Marketing Solutions (BKMS) is an SEO Marketing Agency in Oxford, UK. We provide world-class Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for small and medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to get you more leads, more sales, and more market share.

SEO company in Oxford and the UK - for businesses with big goals

We are an Oxford-based Digital Marketing Agency that provides quality SEO services for customers in Oxford, the UK, and worldwide.

We work with determined marketing managers, business owners and people who want a cutting-edge, commercially-oriented website. We have the expertise to provide quality SEO services for eCommerce, Hotels, Fashion businesses, services/lead generation websites, and local businesses in Oxford and Oxfordshire.

Getting on the first page of Google in 2023 is more competitive than ever. As a result, SEO expertise is getting obsolete fast nowadays, and many agencies fail to deliver the results they promise to their clients. In addition, Google implements new algorithms often, so your SEO provider needs to always be on the trends and follow Google guidelines. We strictly follow Google guidelines, algorithm changes and recommendations.

We track the best practices in the SEO industry, observe new trends and evaluate what’s best for different businesses.

That is why our work for you is transparent and clear. We will consult with you every decision, idea, opportunity regarding your business and our next step. Small and medium-sized businesses can get more brand awareness from a mixture of Content marketing and quality SEO. Refreshed and enhanced content allows potential clients to get through the company’s sales funnel and progress from awareness to down the funnel – interest, then aspiration/impulse and eventually a purchase. Online stores can get more website traffic, respectively leads and sales through eCommerce SEO services and specialised content creation that boosts the web ranking on Google.

Businesses such as hotels, lawyers, dentists, accountants, mechanics, and more can fit in different SEO services we offer – Local SEO, eCommerce SEO and more. By choosing a specific search engine optimisation option, specific area, postcode, town or city, such businesses will be able to increase their website visibility for the search terms in the targeted area. Furthermore, we can guide you in what specific SEO is best for your business.

The main goal of any Search Engine Optimisation is to increase organic ranking in Google and, therefore, traffic, leads and eventually sales.

More about what we offer in terms of SEO:

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Solid and Reliable SEO agency in Oxfordshire

My name is Boris, and I’m the founder of BK Marketing Solutions.

BK Marketing Solutions is an SEO Agency in Oxford. We work with small and medium businesses in all industries in Oxford and the UK, and tailor our strategies to fit each client’s unique needs and goals..

With extensive experience in the industry, our team stays up-to-date with the latest SEO best practices and algorithm updates to ensure the best results for our clients.

My team is made up of people who have accumulated a great deal of experience in their fields, making them highly proficient professionals.

Boris Katsarov

What results do we deliver as an Oxford SEO agency?

A well-performed SEO campaign can transform your entire business from a company with few leads and sales to a well-recognised brand and scaling online sales thanks to SEO.

Our holistic approach includes different SEO audits, analysis and creative work. Good planning plus the best SEO consultants can create content targeting specific buyer persona at different stages of their buying journey through the sales funnel—the purpose of all these activities – more leads, sales and eventually fastest return on investment.

But to get these kinds of results requires patience and time. So setting up realistic goals at the beginning is crucial for smooth work, getting ahead of the competition, and growing the business.


SEO analysis

Our SEO specialists will conduct a thorough analysis of your SEO performance. We will analyse your past performance, technical issues and your current SEO. After we finish the SEO analysis (competitors, on-page SEO, off-page SEO), we will start optimising your off-site and on-site SEO to achieve maximum impact.

Before we start the analysis, we will present a plan for exactly how it will be conducted and what we are looking for. The SEO process is a complex thing with many variables so we are always transparent on what we do and what is our goal.

SEO report

Competitive analysis and keyword research

We analyse your competitors and search for weaknesses and gaps so you can beat them in Search Engine Results Pages. We prioritise our keywords selection so that you can get the best short, medium and long term results. Customer’s intentions are centric in our approach.

Our primary goal in all of these activities is faster ROI by increasing the traffic to your website, leads and sales with commercial and informational terms. During the process, we will coordinate every step with you. Our Oxford SEO Services are always with the right milestones and objectives.


Website Optimization from Oxford SEO experts

Everything leads to website optimisation. We will optimise each page of your website with the most relevant keywords so each page will be ranking on its own and attract the proper (commercially driven or informationally driven) customers.

Website Optimisation is a complex process from page titles and links to meta description, page copy and technical SEO. Google is much more sophisticated now than in the days when you would only need an exact match domain. Your customers also expect the best value for their time spent online. So we will make sure they will find all they need on your website.

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Technical SEO, On-Page SEO

Nothing we do will have a substantial impact if the technical part of your SEO isn’t set up. For example, SSL, craw budget, indexation, website speediness, mobile-friendliness is a small portion of the whole technical SEO.

We always present our customised technical SEO plan before we do the hard work. Our culture and approach encourage us to be as transparent as possible in our actions.


Content Creation - Content Marketing

Ten years ago, it could be enough to target a few specific phrases, use them on your website, and get a good rankings. Today the search engines are incredibly user-focused, so more and more specific content is needed.
Today’s websites are closer to content creation media websites than ever before.

Our job will be to create unique, customer-oriented content that is compelling for your target market. We choose the exact phrases your target market would be searching for and use them in the most appropriate content to drive traffic, prospects, and sales.

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Copywriting and SEO Strategy

We create a copy with SEO in mind. Our work is tailored to your target market and is consistent with your brand identity.
If you can't sell your products or services, it's as if you don't have them at all. As a result, smart copywriting might be the difference between a thriving business and a poor one with low sales.

We can provide you with high-quality copywriting that will set you apart from the competition, whether it's for a single landing page or an entire website.

Link Building

Backlinks Analysis and Website Visibility

Backlinks are the second most important factor for SEO after onsite optimisation. We will review your backlinks and evaluate which ones are good or harmful. Low-quality backlinks can stop you from a better ranking position. Such spammy links come from websites that don’t care about the quality and sell backlinks in bulk. Or you could be exposed to a negative SEO.

During the campaign we do for you, we will rigorously audit your backlinks, and if necessary, we will disavow (Google ignores them) those links that don’t bring value.

SEO statistics

Link Building and Organic Traffic

Building links can increase your ranking and is very important for good SEO. However, the volume of the links pointing to your website is no longer the most important factor for Google.
Focusing on relevant, authoritative links will set up your brand’s authority and expertise.

A well-performed link building strategy will put your brand in your customers’ minds as a company that provides high value and is highly trustworthy if shown in so many places/links.

Local SEO

Local SEO - Businesses in Oxford

Most users use search engines to find local information. In addition, they use all kinds of devices at different points in their purchase process. That behaviour creates opportunities for businesses to reach new potential customers.

After the SEO audit and according to your goals, we will build Local SEO strategy for your business—a strategy that considers the customers and their needs. Google Business Profile is just part of our various approaches to rank your business locally. Being first locally is incredibly competitive.

Get your Free Website and SEO analysis now

And we can start bringing value to your business by leading more customers to your website and more sales.

Our process of Search Engine Optimisation

We will make a strategy for content creation, SEO campaign, and link building that will improve your SERP position so that you can significantly differentiate from your competitors. Our main goal will be to drive more quality traffic towards your website, which turns into leads and sales.

We will set up realistic short, mid, and long-term goals that will increase your ROI as soon as possible.

You will know who will work on your SEO campaign from the beginning. Depending on the content nature, we might outsource some parts like video editing to specialists and freelancers.

We use five proven stages to examine, plan and implement a strategy to improve your performance online. Then, all you need to do is to get in touch with us, and we will make a free analysis of your digital marketing situation and appropriate recommendations.

1 - Your SEO performance - Analysis and assessment

SEO Oxford

Increase your visibility on Google​

Your SEO performance – Analysis and assessment
Analysing your current SEO performance is the foundation of our future work for you. We will assess your content, backlinks, analytics, meta description and more related onsite stuff.  The aim at this point will be to find what has worked for you up to this moment and what hasn’t. Also, we will examine your target audience, your potential customers, your buyer persona journey and other patterns.The audit stage is crucial because it sets up the foundation for further actions.

2 - Competitive analysis

Competitors analysis is important for two reasons:
1- It shows what works and what does not. Researching your competitors will guide us on the best way to position your brand in your customers’ minds.

2- We will be looking for gabs. We will compare your competitors’ content, trying to find potentially profitable gaps. That means phrases your target market uses and your competitors don’t. These niches can bring traffic and put your business on top of those searches by a proper implementation. We will examine their backlinks and their traffic. Where it comes from and where it goes

3 - SEO plan

After the website audit and analysis of your competitors, we will have sufficient information. We will be able to create a long-term strategy for the fastest ROI and accomplish your goals.

Then, we will present our plan to you, and we will go through it step by step. Five strategies make a good SEO plan:
1- Website optimisation strategy (on-site SEO) – appropriate keywords, mobile-friendliness, website speed and more.
2- Content editing and new content creation strategy – along with SEO optimisation, content creation is vital.
3 – Building links strategy – as mentioned above, quality links significantly improve website ranking.
4 – Following Google updates and recommendations – the best way to win the SEO game is by playing by rules.
5 – Constantly researching your competitors – Your competitors will try to beat you

4 - Content creation

In today’s world, websites look more like media platforms with an attached commercial website. That only emphasises how important content creation is. Your customers go through different stages before they make a purchase decision. These stages are known as the buying cycle, and a sales funnel. Different content is needed at the various stages. Your target audience needs appropriate content for each step so they can be convinced that the particular product/service is right for them.

It’s not enough to have a great product or service. Content creation is the way that makes people exchange their hard-earned money for the value you provide.

5 - Constant SEO monitoring and upgrades

SEO is a long-term process. It never stops. We continually monitor your website ranking, your conversion rate (leads and sales), the ranking of your competitors and many more factors that show us what works and what does not.

Google’s algorithms improve and change often, but we don’t leave things to chance. Instead, we adapt to the new system and grow your business through Search Engine Optimisation.

How to begin working with us BK Marketing Solutions?

1 - Order your free Website SEO analysis 

Order your free Website and SEO analysis, and we will analyse your website and SEO performance. Then, after a rigorous audit of your website and SEO, we will record a video that will be unique for you and your SEO performance.

The analysis we make will be related to your website optimisation, website usability, backlinks, meta description, keywords, conversion rate optimisation, online competitors and other aspects of search engine optimisation.

We will also have a look at your competitors and how they perform. We will include in the video a valuable analysis of how they perform and what is their SEO and Content Marketing strategy.

In the end, we will present our conclusion and suggestions of what needs to be done for better performance according to your goals.

SEO Analysis
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2 - SEO plan

We will offer you a phone/online call to have a detailed viewing of your business goals.

Then, after our conversation, we will send you a comprehensive marketing plan demonstrating how we can start working together.

The plan will include milestones for the next two to six and twelve months and detailed steps of our work and what we will focus on.

3 - Results

SEO Oxford

There are three types of goals in SEO – short-term and medium to long-term goals.

Succeeding in SEO and ranking your website on top results of Google demand long-term planning and long-oriented actions. We at BK Marketing Solutions love long-term strategies.

Some changes can bring results in one month, and some activities can get results in six to twelve months. Factors like how competitive your industry is, on-site and off-site optimisation, and what kind of digital marketing strategy you implement dictate how fast you can see the results.

We will be leading according to your goals. Planning and execution will have measurable milestones, which we will agree with you. Our partnership will be based on the results we get for you. Your contact point will be providing reports for what we have done and the results from that. You can get in touch with us at any point, and you will not be tied to a 6 or 12 months contract. You can end your contract whenever you want.

Request your Free Website and SEO analysis

Request your FREE Website and SEO Analysis, and we will start working on your online success in 2022. 

Googles’ algorithms are getting more complex, and in order to win the online game, you have to think holistically and a few moves ahead of your competitors. Together we can decide the best way to get your goals accomplished.

Three good reasons why choose us

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Because we offer Free Website and SEO analysis

Our FREE Website and SEO analysis value is between £200 and £300 depending on the type of business you are in. This kind of analysis provides immense value, and most importantly, it's FREE.

website, web, browser-6351151.jpg
Small Marketing Agencies have just a few clients

That means they operate much more thoughtfully daily and commit much more importance to customer success.

Best Quality

And most importantly, small agencies deliver much better services than their bigger competitors again because they get thin over many accounts.

BK Marketing Solutions

Our philosophy is quality services and personal touch

As a small SEO Agency, BK Marketing Solutions works with a few clients, and achieving their goals is BK's mission. Our culture is our total commitment to all of our client's SEO to get them more sales and brand awareness. BK Marketing Solutions works only with the best specialists in their fields whenever outsourcing is necessary.