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Your eCommerce website is the heart of your online business and has enormous potential. Our job will be to optimise your website with an eCommerce SEO mindset. By selecting the right keywords, analysing your competitors and spotting potential fields you can win, we will increase your visibility and increase your eCommerce sales.

Commercial intent traffic is the best traffic you can generate as a business. That is why eCommerce SEO is so important.

Good organic visibility is preferred for many reasons:

  1. First, there is no better search intent than the one coming from the organic search results. That traffic is made up of people ready to buy.
  2. SEO is essentially free. You don’t need to pay for high-cost ads on Google or Facebook. So the ROI is bigger.
  3. By conquering particular keywords and search phrases, you can move to the next profitable fields and gradually increase your market share.

These are a few reasons why eCommerce SEO is essential. 2023 will be crucial for many businesses, and your best business decision will be to press the accelerator and optimise your website for better visibility.

Getting on top of Google means you go against some strong competitors, which is not an easy task. But it’s worth it because successful eCommerce search results can be the most significant revenue generator for your business. In addition, today’s world is going heavily online, customers’ behaviour is changing significantly in the last few years. This means that most companies will have to invest in SEO and digital marketing services at some point.

But optimising an eCommerce business is often complex and takes lots of energy and time. Long hours of creating content, technical SEO and obtaining links are just one portion of the big picture.

On the other hand, eCommerce SEO is different from traditional search engine optimisation. Main SEO principles are still the same, but some ranking factors have specific challenges. For example, manufacturers provide some basic descriptions, and you are supposed to optimise your product pages with that description, which is dry and generic.
Duplicate content is another puzzle and a significant obstacle in optimisation for Google.
Category pages are critical in the eCommerce business, so they need special attention.

Our goal will be to create an effective strategy and plan to rank you on the first page of Google for particular search phrases. We will deal with keywords research, competitive analysis, technical SEO, link building strategies and more on-page and off-page optimisation.

And we will do all of this with ROI in mind. We will pursue the highest possible return on investment for your online business.

A Reliable eCommerce agency in Oxfordshire

My name is Boris, and I’m the founder of BK Marketing Solutions.

BK Marketing Solutions is an eCommerce SEO Agency in Oxford. We work with small and medium businesses in all industries in Oxford and the UK, and tailor our strategies to fit each client’s unique needs and goals..

With extensive experience in the industry, our team stays up-to-date with the latest Digital Marketing best practices and algorithm updates to ensure the best results for our clients.

My team is made up of people who have accumulated a great deal of experience in their fields, making them highly proficient professionals.

SEO for eCommerce - Holistic Approach

We start by outlining a bespoke holistic approach towards your eCommerce website and your goals. We will make a plan that targets the short-term and fast results, and at the same time, we have the big picture in mind: the long-term success of your eCommerce business and brand loyalty. And we are always open for your recommendations and perspectives of how we approach your online business.


Analysis of your eCommerce website

Our general approach is to analyse your website first. This will give us information about your current situation, potential conversion rate and the SEO results you get.

The proper analysis of this initial information is extremely important for our next move and spotting the right opportunities.


Competitive analysis

Competitor analysis is the second step in our research process. It gives us invaluable information about what works in your field and what doesn’t.
By comparing their work and their ranking, we can make a strategy that fits your strengths and room for improvements. The goal is to improve your website, so it deserves to be on top of Google.

After this, we can go through setting up goals and milestones. Then, we will be able to create a plan with quarterly milestones and the way we can achieve them.


Analysing Keywords

Targeting the right keywords to rank for is vital. eCommerce businesses usually should rank for keywords with high commercial intent, and customer engagement, but targeting informational phrases is essential for more visibility and traffic.

After this third step, we will map out how to get on top of the SERPs (Search engine results pages) that will be most profitable for you, the best keywords to compete for and the kind of content necessary for achieving our goals.

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Creating your strategy and plan

The fourth step in our process is to create an eCommerce SEO strategy and plan that will bring the best results. The program will result from rigorous research and analysis of the previous steps.
We will present the plan with milestones and a step by step process to accomplish those milestones.

You can always suggest new ideas and approaches because no one knows your business better than yourself.


Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation will make your website user friendly and easy for Google to understand your site pages’ content and structure.

That could be some minor or essential changes like editing your existing copy, metadata optimisation, headings and subheadings editing. Technical SEO like Technical SEO like a mobile-friendly website, indexation and more are also part of the bigger game.

Link Building

Content creation and copywriting

If you want to increase your conversion rate optimisation, you need excellent copywriting and a digital marketing strategy. Your website copy should target appropriate keywords, has the best CTAs and thus be able to convert cold traffic into leads and sales.

That is why we are highly focused on creating the best value via content creation because this is the key to SEO success.

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Technical SEO

70% of the organic traffic comes from smartphones, so a mobile-friendly website is crucial if we want to rank for the top position of Google and other search engines.

A mobile-friendly website is just one part of the technical SEO. We will ensure that Google crawls and indexes your website by constantly checking for technical issues and room for improvement.

Link Building

Quality Link Building

Building links for eCommerce businesses is significantly different from services businesses. Depending on your goals and market positioning, we will create a strategy that fits your needs.

There are many link-building strategies: digital PR, broken links auditing, blogger outreach, and more simple online marketing forms like citations in directories.
The goal is to boost your website authority and your ranking.


Reports and full commitment

Every month we will be showing you what we have done, what the results are and what we are about to do. Transparency and Integrity are core values of BK Marketing Solutions.

We see our clients not as simple businesses we work with but as long-term business partners whose success means success for us as well.
That is why we will be fully committed to getting the job done.

Let us show you how we going to reach the full eCommerce potential of your business

We can make a 15 mins video review of your website and map out the opportunities for improvements and how we can achieve more leads and sales.

Three good reasons why choose us

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We are offering Free Website and SEO analysis

We offer FREE Website and SEO analysis, which costs between £200 and £300 depending on the type of business you are in. The Free analysis provides incredible value for your business.

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Small Marketing Agencies don't have many clients

That means they operate much more thoughtfully daily and commit much more importance to customer success.

Best Quality

And most critically, small agencies convey much superior services than their bigger competitors once more since they get thin over numerous accounts. Our goal is to become a leading digital marketing agency in Oxford.

BK Marketing Solutions

Our philosophy is quality services and personal touch

As a small agency, BK Marketing Solutions works with a few numbers of clients, and achieving their goals is BK's mission. Total commitment to all of our client's SEO in order to get them more sales and brand awareness is our culture. BK Marketing Solutions works only with the best specialists in their fields whenever outsourcing is necessary.