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Top 10 Caravan Parks in Oxfordshire

Nestled in the enchanting heartland of England, Oxfordshire is a county rich in its tapestry of history, heritage, and natural beauty. With its ancient universities, timeless architecture, and lush, rolling landscapes, it is a place that captivates the imagination and soothes the soul. For those who seek a leisurely escape amidst this serene backdrop, Oxfordshire’s array of caravan parks offer the perfect retreat. Each caravan park provides a unique concoction of comfort, convenience, and closeness to nature, ensuring a memorable experience for all visitors.

In this guide about Top Caravan Parks in Oxfordshire, we will explore the top 10 caravan parks in Oxfordshire, each with its distinct charm and character. Whether you are an avid camper, caravanner, or simply looking for a peaceful getaway, these parks promise a blend of relaxation and recreation. From the quaint and quiet to the bustling and vibrant, these parks provide a range of facilities and amenities, suitable for families, couples, and solo adventurers alike.

Pack your bags and ready your spirit, as we journey through the scenic vistas and tranquil corners of these ten caravan havens, offering you a glimpse into the idyllic and the invigorating experiences that await in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

The Duke Campsite Clifton, Banbury, Oxfordshire

Often coined as an ‘undiscovered jewel’, this all-encompassing three-acre enclave welcomes dogs, presenting pristine, unmarred vistas of the rural landscape and nestles beside a quaint public house.

This establishment harmoniously marries the conveniences of a fully-furnished campground and the tranquil, romantic ambiance of a shepherd’s retreat, located just a stone’s throw away from an enchanting, history-rich country tavern. Although set amidst the serene countryside, it remains centrally located with swift routes to the M40 (4 miles), Banbury (4 miles), and Bicester village (5 miles).

Selections extend to expansive encampments, laden with superior amenities catering to the whims of nomads and outdoor enthusiasts. These encampments boast grandiose dimensions and unveil spectacular panoramas of sprawling fields and agricultural expanse.

Couples seeking refuge can find solace in an intimate shepherd’s alcove, adorned with antique embellishments and complemented with private sanitary accommodations.

Should you intend to arrive with a motorhome exceeding 2.6m in height, a prior liaison with the site is imperative.

The site flings its gates open from 29 March to 5 November, extending warm welcomes to those seeking escape into its tranquil embrace.

In your explorative endeavours, be prepared to plunge into the harmonious blend of rich history, picturesque landscapes, and sumptuous tranquillity, all while basking in the warm, inviting glow of traditional hospitality at the doorstep of this charming rustic inn.

Swiss Farm Touring and Camping Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

Swiss Farm Touring and Camping is positioned perfectly for traversing both the picturesque Thames with its illustrious Regatta and the charming Chiltern Hills. Embrace diverse vacationing experiences, from traditional camping and touring to luxurious glamping cabins and holiday abodes, all within convenient proximity for excursions to London.

About Swiss Farm Touring and Camping

This familial estate, meticulously organised, sits in a prime location offering easy accessibility to Windsor and Oxford, in addition to the metropolis.

The site presents a variety of pitch options catering to diverse preferences, encompassing both hardstanding and sylvan alternatives. The park welcomes up to two well-mannered canine companions throughout its operating season.

Glamping enthusiasts can choose between hexagonal structures or cabins of conventional design, each equipped with a plethora of desirable amenities.

An assortment of holiday residences is also at your disposal, accommodating up to six guests each.

Welcoming guests from 10 February to 9 December.

The Pig Place Adderbury, Banbury, Oxfordshire

This operational agrarian locale provides a bucolic and rudimentary encampment site. Situated on the peripherals of Banbury, it serves as an optimal origin point for voyages across Oxfordshire, positioning the illustrious Cotswolds and Bicester within comfortable proximity, not to mention the renowned Diddly Squat Farm from ‘Clarkson’s Farm’.

The encampment showcases a collection of 45 sylvan placements for tents and tourers, presented in an extensive array of dimensions to accommodate your preferences. Each allocated space entertains between two and six occupants, and selected tourer pitches provide the luxury of supplementary electrical connectivities.

Sustenance is never a quandary in this locale. The delightful al fresco café proffers a smorgasbord of palatable options throughout the day, ranging from hearty English breakfasts to midday sandwiches and evening burgers. Revellers can indulge in a licensed open-air bar with weekend evening entertainment.

The on-premises agrarian boutique is a treasure trove for gourmands, offering a range of the site’s native produce. Unearth premium BBQ requisites, freshly procured meats, artisanal cheeses, preserves, and more!

For the aficionados of genuine camping ambiance, the site is interspersed with communal fire pit locales accompanied by relaxing sofas to repose. Barbecue enthusiasts can indulge in culinary creations, provided the apparatus is elevated from the terrain.

Canine companions find a haven here, with abundant neighbouring rural expanses for explorative walks.

Be informed, shower facilities are absent on the premises.

The Pig Place warmly welcomes guests from 01/04 to 27/10.

Cotswold Hills Country Park Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Nestled amid the bucolic expanses of the Cotswolds, this tranquil, family-oriented haven offers panoramic vistas of unspoiled landscapes, becoming a gateway to the quaint hamlets and bustling market towns that dot the surroundings, like the enchanting Chipping Norton. Only a mere half-hour voyage from Oxford, a myriad of delightful diversions envelops you.

The enclave boasts 13 verdant encampments, fortified with either 10 or 16 amperes of electricity, extending a warm reception to both tents and tourers. Furthermore, there are 18 stable standings endowed with 16 amperes of electric power, reserved exclusively for tourers. Each alcove accommodates a contingent of up to six individuals, providing an ample and serene expanse to bask in the external resplendence!

For assemblies of a larger calibre, a rally field is at one’s disposal, capable of conducting gatherings for up to a century of tents, caravans, or motorhomes. Those in quest of a seasonal alcove will find ten stable standings at their service.

This locale, with its proximity to revered villages and the scholarly city of Oxford, offers not just a retreat but a bouquet of explorations and reveries. The diversification in pitch styles and the availability for larger congregations make it a versatile choice for transient wayfarers or sizable congregations, all while maintaining an air of secluded tranquillity and uncharted allure. The generous space per alcove serves as a canvas for unadulterated relaxation amid nature’s whispering symphony.

Whether it be a solitary sojourn, a familial escapade, or a grand gathering, this refuge in the Cotswolds paints every stay with shades of serenity and exploration, set against the timeless tapestry of pastoral elegance.

Green Acres Farm Certificated Site Horspath, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Green Acres Farm Certificated Site is an exclusive haven for members, nestled in the serene Oxfordshire hinterlands, with ingress to the splendid Shotover Country Park. The park is a repository of enchanting hilltop panoramas, over 250 miles of forested trails, mountain biking routes, equestrian paths, and varied leisure activities—ranging from tranquil ambles to orienteering, jogging, and familial al fresco dining. Both campfires and furry companions are welcomed, and top-tier pubs and eateries are a mere five-minute stroll away.

About Green Acres Farm Certificated Site

Perched on the brink of Oxford, this enclave is a brisk ten-minute drive from the bustling city centre—offering avenues to explore venerable universities, engage in aquatic endeavours, and relish city escapades.

The country park, steeped in heritage as a former royal hunting preserve, grants access to over 100 hectares of land cascading the southern elevations of Shotover Hill. Ascend to the summit for breathtaking vistas spanning southern Oxfordshire.

Accommodations comprise grassy placements apt for tents and tourers, with the provision of optional electricity. Given its certification, all dwellers must be affiliates of the Camping and Caravanning Club.

Naturally, such expansive territories serve as sanctuaries for fauna, and significant portions of the park are recognized as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), making it a utopia for nature enthusiasts.

Venture into the park for delightful canine excursions.

Open throughout the annual cycle.

Glebe Leisure Fringford, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Glebe Leisure, a quaint pastoral site, is nestled in the countryside, proximal to Bicester, the retail paradise of Bicester Village, Oxford, and a plethora of attractions within a 15-mile radius. Options vary from fully-equipped pitches and electric pitches to elemental camping, with the addition of snug camping pods. Immerse in the tranquillity or explore the fishing lakes, then hop on a train at Bicester, reaching London within an hour! Operational all year round.

About Glebe Leisure

Located in North Oxfordshire, this site is central to numerous attractions, facilitating excursions to Oxford, Blenheim Palace, Stowe, Waddesdon Manor, and beyond, positioning it as an ideal locale for brief respite during extensive travels or prolonged stays in serene, rural backdrops.

Accommodations vary, from basic, non-electric camping to options with electric and hardstanding or all-weather foundations. Choices also include fully serviced pitches complete with electric, water, and waste point provisions.

For an alternative stay, consider an EcoPod, furnished with carpeting, heating, and lighting, capable of hosting either four individuals or a family of six.

Typically open year-round, post-Coronavirus lockdown in July, accommodations are limited to touring caravans, motorhomes, and camper vans equipped with inherent facilities as the site’s sanitation amenities will remain nonoperational.

Valley Farm Campsite Oxford, Oxfordshire

Nestled merely 3 miles from the heart of Oxford City, Valley Farm Campsite finds itself encircled by picturesque landscapes and vibrant wildlife, offering stunning panoramas extending towards the Wytham Woods conservation area. The site is discreetly positioned within a 4-acre expanse, featuring a secluded ingress and a familial ambiance. Its three opulent bell tents are furnished to perfection, complete with wood-burning stoves and an array of amenities!

About Valley Farm Campsite

Valley Farm is a pristine sanctuary, providing idyllic sunsets and scenery, an ideal retreat for families seeking spacious expenses or couples desiring a serene escape to inhale the purity of the air!

Wellington and Nelson, the two resident donkeys, revel in the affections bestowed upon them by campers and young ones, enhancing the site’s charming allure!

For aficionados of glamorous camping, three luxurious bell tents await, each meticulously appointed with a double bed and wood-burning stove, supplemented with cooking requisites, electrical provisions, and additional essentials, accommodating up to four occupants per tent.

The bell tents, constructed of natural cotton canvas, offer an enchanting and unique camping experience, a refreshing divergence from conventional polyester shelters, ensuring a comfortably airy and dry awakening!

Additionally, a traditionally crafted shepherd’s hut is available, featuring a wood-burning stove, collapsible double bed, compact kitchenette, fire pit, and outdoor furniture.

The campsite welcomes guests throughout the year, with the exception of the bell tents, available from late March to mid-October.

Benson Waterfront Wallingford, Oxfordshire

For those traversing the scenic Thames Path or exploring the ancient streets of Oxford, Benson Waterfront serves as a perfect sanctuary. Situated right at the river’s edge, it opens up a realm of possibilities for angling and nautical activities.

About Benson Waterfront

Located beside the river’s charming bend, this peaceful haven is a dream for families seeking serenity and aesthetic beauty.

Each pitch at this refuge is hard standing, fully serviced and provides ample space, suitable for a caravan with an awning or a motorhome.

Moreover, the site also houses a range of opulent lodges, available with one or two bedrooms, each designed to cater to the needs of those who seek more refined accommodations.

Welcoming guests from 1st March to 31st January.

Chipping Norton Camping and Caravanning Club Site Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

The historic township of Chipping Norton is accessible via a brief bus journey from the site, offering a myriad of attractions including a museum, theatre, and recreational centre, complemented by an array of boutiques, dining establishments, and public houses. Many of these latter establishments proudly serve brews from Hook Norton Brewery, a traditional brewery renowned for utilizing steam power and age-old techniques in its beer production—witness the craft firsthand through a prearranged guided exploration. Patrons without membership are cordially welcomed.

Welcoming sojourners from the 1st of April to the 31st of October.

Oxford Camping and Caravanning Club Site Oxford, Oxfordshire

Establish your hub for a metropolitan interlude at this prime site, conveniently accessible by foot, bicycle, or public conveyance to the urban core.

Visitors are accommodated on verdant placements apt for tents and touring vehicles, complete with electric provisions.

Individuals without memberships are graciously received.

Open throughout the year.

Top Caravan Parks in Oxfordshire

Embarking on a journey through the top 10 caravan parks in Oxfordshire unveils a realm where tranquillity meets exploration, and heritage intertwines with the vibrant pulse of the present. Each of these parks brings forth a unique flavour of leisure, catering to a myriad of preferences, whether you are drawn to the whispers of historical tales, the allure of untouched landscapes, or the appeal of outdoor recreations.

In the embrace of Oxfordshire’s caravan parks, visitors find more than just a place to rest; they discover a home where the soul can wander, rejuvenate, and reconnect with the essence of nature and the echoes of the past. The picturesque settings, diverse amenities, and the welcoming ambiance of these parks make them the ideal havens for those seeking an escape from the routine, a moment to breathe, and a canvas to paint their memories.

In conclusion, the caravan parks of Oxfordshire stand as testaments to the county’s diverse beauty and its rich tapestry of experiences waiting to be unwrapped. Whether a seasoned caravanner or a first-time visitor, the promise of adventure, relaxation, and a treasure trove of memories await in the enchanting landscapes of Oxfordshire. The journey through its caravan parks is not just a travel experience; it is a voyage through the soul of a land steeped in elegance, heritage, and natural splendour. So, delve in, explore, and let Oxfordshire’s caravan parks be the backdrop to your unforgettable escapade!

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