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Copywriting is crucial for your business’s success. Website copy is your 24/7 salesperson. Here at BK Marketing Solutions, we create copy that captures your target market imagination and, most importantly, increases sales. 

Advanced Copywriting

In order to increase your sales and brand loyalty, you first need to win your target market trust. Your story should be compelling, and they have to believe that by choosing your product, they will get closer to their goal or even accomplish it. In other words, you have to relieve their pain.

Your chances of converting people that come on your landing pages are reduced if your website’s copy is poor. In fact, if your copy isn’t optimised for Google or the other search engines, your website’s chances of ranking well are low.

You can see why having an excellent copy is so important.

It’s our duty at BK Marketing Solutions to make it happen. We’ll not only make your website appealing and convertible, but we’ll also make it search engine friendly. We will provide you with copy that will improve your ranking for the phrases and purpose you desire, all while keeping SEO in mind.

There are several copywriting tactics to consider when it comes to SEO writing and Content Marketing, and we’ll go through them with you before deciding which is ideal for you.

We can offer you high-quality copywriting that will make you stand out from the crowd. Our services are best suited for landing pages and websites overall. 

So Request your Free Website and SEO analysis and get more sales as soon as possible.

SEO Copywriting in Oxford

My name is Boris, and I’m the founder of BK Marketing Solutions.

BK Marketing Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency run by me – Boris Katsarov – My expertise is in SEO and content marketing

BK Marketing Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency in Oxford. We work with small and medium businesses in all industries in Oxford and the UK, and tailor our strategies to fit each client’s unique needs and goals..

With extensive experience in the industry, our team stays up-to-date with the latest Digital Marketing best practices and algorithm updates to ensure the best results for our clients.

What is our approach to an incredible copy?

Straight to the point, we create web copy that sells. With SEO at the core of our work, we make copy precisely for your target audience and copy that corresponds with your company’s mission and brand.

Even if you have a fantastic product or you provide exceptional service, if you can’t sell them, it’s as if you don’t have them at all. So good copywriting could be the turning point between a successful company and a mediocre company with short sales.

The following paragraphs explain our processes and how we do exceptional proofreading, achieve great copy and steady increase in sales.


The research phase

This is the phase where we analyse your target audience and their pain points. For example, what problems do they have, and what stops them from buying your product or service right now.Observing their behaviour and handling their objections, fears and uncertainty mean they can trust you and become happy and loyal customers.


Your brand identity

We will do a rigorous analysis of your brand’s identity to understand the message you want to send. If you are not sure about that, we can work together on that so you can show confidence and consistency among your target market.



The proper positioning is what sets you apart from your competitors. We will find the right selling points for you that appeal to your target market. Your audience has to have a reason to opt for you, and we will make that reason a compelling one, whether it’s quality, low price, reliability or other worth considering positions.


Search Engine Optimised Copy

While we analyse your target audience’s behaviour, we also examine their search queries and what terms and specific phrases they use.We then answer these queries in our copy in a way your target audience associates with. By doing that, you get the right traffic to your website, which is ready to convert into valuable customers.


Copywriting style

Different approaches and different styles apply to different channels. For example, having trustworthy landing pages, blog posts, or content for your social media, we can make it in a way that matches your buyer persona, and your sales funnel.


Editing process

We have two stages of the editing process. First, we will go through the copy and decide if it serves the purpose it was created for. The second stage is the grammar and spelling errors stage. Proofreading is extremely important for copywriting. We won’t let grammarly incorrect sentences ruin a great web copy.

Every business needs a copy that sells

Request your free SEO and Website analysis now, and we will analyse your website copy and also your digital marketing efforts.

Our SEO Copywriting Creation process

We will make a strategy for content creation, SEO campaign, and link building that will improve your SERP position so that you can significantly differentiate from your competitors. Our main goal will be to drive more quality traffic towards your website, which turns into leads and sales.

We will set up realistic short, mid, and long-term goals that will increase your ROI as soon as possible.

You will know who will work on your SEO campaign from the beginning. Depending on the content nature, we might outsource some parts like video editing to specialists and freelancers.

We use five proven stages to examine, plan and implement a strategy to improve your performance online. Then, all you need to do is to get in touch with us, and we will make a free analysis of your digital marketing situation and appropriate recommendations.

1 - Goals and opportunities

Before every copywriting and proofreading process, we discuss your business and digital goals. Content and copy on your website are essential, but the goal is not just to have it. After reviewing your goals, we will have a clear picture of what needs to be done for whom and how. Thus we will know how long our journey will take, the milestones we have to set up and the deadlines.

Even if we have to make an informative piece, the ultimate goal stays the same – to increase conversion and your sales.

2 - Your current digital marketing efforts

We will analyse your existing copy, how it is written, is it engaging enough and how it performs. Our goal is to get an even better picture of what works and what doesn’t. We will track down the keywords your web pages rank for, the traffic they get and how your target audience interacts with your website (conversion rate optimisation).

We’ll know where to start and what enhancements you need, if any, once we’ve analysed your content.

3 - Rigorous research on your competitors and industry

Your competitors can give us valuable information about what can be done better or what can go worse. We will audit their copy and see what works for them, how they interact with their cold traffic and customers, what is their brand identity, what they are missing, and more important factors. We will take good practises and avoid their mistakes. Then, we will try to predict their next move next content piece and evaluate the impact.

The goal is to get you ahead in the field you want to.

4 - Developing your copywriting plan

Once we gather all the information we need – your current performance and goals, your competitors and your industry, we are ready to turn that info into a copywriting plan. After our proofreading process, we will point out what pages or content pieces need improvements, how we will improve them, and their purpose. These improvements could be minor page title corrections or copy editings, or they could be rewriting entire web pages to increase conversion rate.

Keywords planning and positioning, content purpose, buyer journey stage are combined to create an excellent bespoke copywriting plan.

5 - Implementing your copy

We start doing our job. We will begin writing your copy and optimising your website. We’ll boost your website with high-quality content that will implement keywords and engaging language that serves your target audience.

Once we have the copy, it’s time for the editing process.

We will send it to you when we are done editing the copy as it is ready for upload. We will be waiting for your feedback, and if you are happy with the new copy, we can proceed with the implementation to your website. If you think there is room for improvements, we’ll take your thoughts into account and make adjustments as needed to make it ideal.

Once the copy is approved, we will go through it from an SEO perspective so it can bring the best results for you. We’ll incorporate the appropriate calls to action in order to boost conversions and sales.

6 - Results

Copywriting is hard work, and once uploaded, it takes time to show the purpose for its existence.

But we are a digital marketing agency, and we love what we do, particularly copywriting. Most of the time, that is the difference between a successful website that ranks well and one that has great products or services but can’t take the place it deserves.

We love working hard, and you can be sure that after uploading your copy, you may be certain that obsolete, stale, or useless copy is no longer holding back your online success.

How can we start our business journey?

1 - Request a free SEO and Website Analysis

Submit your website for a free SEO and Website Analysis, and we’ll create a 15-minute video just for you.

We’ll show you what chances await you based on your goals, website performance, and online competitors. And all of that for free.

2 - Analyse your free SEO and Website Analysis

We will point out our suggestions for you and the biggest opportunities. We will show you what can be quickly done and what needs a long-term digital marketing strategy. What can bring you the best results, and what are the easy wins.

If you believe that we can add value to your business based on the free digital marketing assessment, we will set up a consultation call to go through your business goals in further detail.

3 - Setting up goals

We’ll set goals and assess them every quarter. SEO and content marketing, on the other hand, require time, and there is no quick fix. Therefore, the most effective plan is a long-term one. As a result, we’ll have our short-term objectives, which will help us achieve your long-term goals.

Your digital success will be handled by SEO and Content Marketing specialists that you can consider as partners. You may be confident that we will put everything into your campaign because our company’s success is dependent on your success.

SEO Analysis

Request your Free Website and SEO analysis

Request your FREE website and SEO analysis and we will start working on your copy and online success in 2022.

Copywriting is the difference between a high conversion rate (more sales) and an average industry website. So let us show you our copywriting and editing skills.

Three good reasons why choose us

seo, business, design-5485290.jpg
Because we offer Free Website and SEO analysis

Marketing agencies charge between £200 and £300 for Website and SEO analysis depending on the type of business. This kind of analysis provides immense value, and most importantly, we offer it for FREE.

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Small Marketing Agencies have just a few clients

That means they operate much more thoughtfully daily and commit much more importance to customer success.

Best Quality

And most importantly, small agencies deliver much better services than their bigger competitors again because big companies get thin over many accounts.

BK Marketing Solutions

Our philosophy is quality services and personal touch

BK Marketing Solutions works with a few clients, and accomplishing their goals is our mission. Full commitment to our client's digital success in order to get them more sales and brand awareness is our culture. BK Marketing Solutions works only with the best specialists in their fields whenever outsourcing is necessary.